Hair Fall Treatment

Today hair thinning and Hair loss are the two most common occurrence that give an aged look before its time, and the reason for which varies from individual to individual. At Earth & Ether Clinic, Dr. Varsha Rangari uses Mesotherapy & PRP Treatment to stop Baldness and promote Regrowth.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)treatment for Hair loss and Baldness (at Chennai) is the latest & very effective treatment even for severe type of Hair fall. Here the patient’s own blood is utilised for treatment. The principle is various Growth Factors and stem cells in blood is Isolated, concentrated, Activated & then given as a micro Injection into Scalp which Immediately Arrests Hair fall by 3-4 Sessions.

Generally, an individual will require 6+ sessions at a Gap of 20days each. And it is Absolutely safe without side effects as it is an Autologous Injection.

Non- invasive treatment where a cock- tail of various vitamins, Amino acids, Minerals and Nutrients Required for Hair Growth & Rejuvenation is deposited at Hair Root level so that Hair Fall completely stops. Sessions are done every 10-15 days and lasts for 10+ sessions

Hair fall treatment