Ear Lobe Repair

Most women (and many men) love all types jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earings.  While they can all be beautiful, only one can cause an injury to the surrounding skin–the earing. Earrings have been described in text as old as the Bible and Torah. As earrings have continued to grow in size, they can be very heavy and even stretch out the earing hole. Overtime, they can cause the earlobe to tear, split, or stretch preventing the person from being able to wear earrings. Women who wear large hoop earrings are also at a greater risk for earlobe splitting, tearing, or trauma. While tearing your earlobe can be upsetting, it can be easily repaired in a quick office procedure.

How is a Torn Earlobe Repaired?

While repairing a torn earlobe in Charlotte is a simple procedure, I still use advanced techniques to ensure the best chance of successful outcomes. In earlobes that are not completely torn, I look to see how much of the earlobe is torn. If less than 60% of the earlobe is split, then the skin around the hole is removed, and the hole is sutured closed.

If more than 60% of the earlobe is torn, then the earlobe tear must be completed during the repair. After completing the tear during the procedure, I create a small flap in the ear. That flap is used to ensure that the ear heals in a manner to keep the gentle sloping contour of the earlobe.

While this technique increases the complexity and time of the procedure, I believe it creates a better result. After the flap is made, the ear is stitch closed.

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Earlobe Repair in Pune