Dermato Surgery

Dermatosurgery means surgery of the damaged skin, which includes clinic based processing done using local anesthesia. Prior to the treatment an examination is performed to evaluate the extent of the skin damage that is to be cured or treated. A full examination is also performed to check the health of the patient and to be given full information and instructions. Conditions like Cutaneous Horn, Cysts, Verrucas Nevus, Vitiligo, Skin Resurfacing and Scar Correction can be treated by this treatment. At Skinology, we provide treatments for these conditions by using appropriate lasers or surgeries to remove and regenerate the resultant soft tissue damages.

Dermato surgery is a branch of dermatology that involves cutting or getting beneath the skin. It can be performed using injections with various medicines or use of devices like radio frequency and cautery or even scalpel and blades.

It includes simple procedures like –

  • Wart removal,
  • Mole removal,
  • Skin tags,
  • DPN,
  • Keloids,
  • Hypertophic scars etc.
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