Age Spots

You’ll know when it is time to begin age spot treatments when those dreadful darkening spots begin to sprout up all over your face with wild abandon.

Age spots are a clear sign of sun damaged and photoaged skin.

Specifically, age spots occur as a result of not enough sunscreen and too much sun.

Sun causes damage to healthy skin cells.

Cumulative sun exposure over the years promotes increased free radical activity which work to weaken and eventually destroy healthy skin cells.

This destructive cycle is what creates age spots and most other aging skin symptoms! , In non-technical terms this essentially means that the years spent worshiping the sun and getting that glorious beautiful golden tan is coming back to haunt your skin, with a vengeance.

Frankly, there isn’t a person on the face of the earth who wants younger looking skin that hasn’t wished that they had been more careful about using sunscreen and protecting their skin from the sun throughout the years.

If your skin has been invaded by age spots then it is certainly past time for some serious age spot treatments.

Age spots are areas of skin where the pigmentation has darken as a result from a collection of melanin that accumulates over time as the skin is exposed to ultraviolet sun rays.

Age spots usually appear gradually over time depending on skin type and sun worshiping habits they typically wait to materialize until those middle age years.

Although age spots can develop at any age, they are more apt to occur more quickly for those unlucky ones who have fair skin and tend to burn easily.